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The Calm Koala 🐨

The Calm Koala 🐨

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The Calm Koala 🐨

The Calm Koala 🐨

Regular price €34,99
Regular price €34,99 Sale price €59,99
SAVE 41% Sold out
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Instantly soothe
Your Panic and Anxiety Attacks

Do you suffer from sudden and intense moments of stress, anxiety and anguish? Discover the soothing power of the Blumise Soothing Plush.

Equipped with unique technology, the soothing plush imitates the rhythm of human breathing and the beating of a heart to calm your anxiety and anxiety attacks.

When you're close to someone, hearing their breathing and heartbeat is extremely reassuring.

Inspired by this innate connection, our Plush recreates these vital sounds. This proven method reduces anxiety and facilitates deep relaxation,

Find Serenity and Peaceful Sleep

Experience a tranquil oasis in moments of stress and sleeplessness. The calm Koala is meticulously designed to synchronize with your natural breathing rhythm.

Let this plush guide you to a state of relaxation, establishing a serene sanctuary that eases the path to a restful sleep.


Fall asleep in seconds

Tension and incessant thoughts prolong your sleepless nights, making it difficult and stressful to fall asleep.

The Soothing Koala from Blumise changes all that. With its soft light and peaceful breathing sounds, it creates a relaxing atmosphere that quickly calms your body and clears your mind.

Get healthy, restorative sleep

🌙 Quality sleep is crucial for a good mood and less anxiety.
Lack of sleep can cause anxiety and depression .

Thanks to its white noise technology, the Calm Koala Plush acts as a real cuddling companion.

This helps to reduce your heart rate and slow your breathing, putting you into a deeper, more restful sleep.

Join our happy community!

Discover how the Calm Koala transforms difficult moments into moments of serenity and happiness for our customers. Their smile is our greatest achievement!

Why choose the Koala from Blumise?


Realistic Breathing Function

30 day money back guarantee

100% hypoallergenic material

Trusted by + 10 000 customers